A few years ago we began to travel to Italy - Lucca to be specific. We kept going back to the same place as it seemed important to go deeper, becoming more nuanced and intentional. We fell in love with the obstinate, determined way that mountain people relate to their food- digging for truffles, hunting cinghiale, (wild boar), and quietly insisting on the best at every turn. Each favorite has a season, a purpose and a unique place at the Italian table.

Everything brings joy. We want to honor that sensibility and bring it to your table right here in Walla Walla.

Made with Love, Truly.

I love being in the Walla Walla Valley. This golden, welcoming place offers all four seasons of joy for me. Thank you for being part of our passionate quest to do the best- the best pies, the best flavors, and the best living we can all achieve. That's me on the right sharing pie with Shane of WhyNotPizza. Great minds, no?

Tom Bennett
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