The Well-Traveled F600

The Well-Traveled F600

We were very lucky to find the 1955 Ford F600 that we used as the donor vehicle for Fiasco Pizza. It’s not as easy as it looks to find the right truck, as it wants to be old enough to be unique and interesting, yet it has to have enough engine and drivetrain to move the pizza box around. It’s not a light load. In 1950s, the interstate highway system that we know now was only in its planning stages. Everyone got around on 2 lane roads and to maintain efficiency most trucks of this vintage did heavy work with smaller L6 engines. Slow and steady won the race.¬†This particular truck has the original 292 V8, which fortunately develops enough power to get this up to a decent speed on the road.

Still, Fiasco Pizza is “slow food”.

In our part of the world there are lots of Chevys but hardly any Fords of this vintage left. This truck has an interesting history – we can trace it as far back as Massachusetts about 8 years ago, where it had a first restoration of sorts. It went from there to Texas, to San Luis Obispo, California, then to Charleston SC, and finally to it’s new home in Walla Walla, Washington. The shipping charges alone will require a lot of pies!

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